Dangers of Meditation

What are the dangers of meditation?

Before participating in New Age meditation, it is wise to consider the dangers of meditation. This practice seeks to put a person in an altered state of consciousness, which leads to spiritual or self enlightenment. This is accomplished through stilling the mind. So, is this practice dangerous?

Many people believe that there are no dangers to practicing meditation. However, upon study, you will see that this is untrue. "New Age meditation uses the mind in an abnormal manner to radically restructure a person's perceptions of self and the world in order to support occult New Age philosophy and goals…It seems that when altered states of consciousness are entered for even a short period of time, day after day, month after month, year after year, that some or even many of the same adverse phenomena found in more extensive meditation programs are encountered. Among these are philosophical conversion to the occult, demon possession, and various forms of physical, spiritual, and psychological damage," says the Encyclopedia of New Age Beliefs.1

Most people who participate in meditation do not realize that most meditation is based in the occult. According to the Encyclopedia of New Age Beliefs, all forms of New Age meditation involve the following occult phenomena:
  • the cultivation of altered states of consciousness;
  • the eventual development of psychic powers;
  • the possibility of spirit possession.
Those who practice meditation are taking a risk with their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. There have been cases of meditators loosing bodily awareness, having LSD-like visions, experiencing uncontrollable screaming, encountering restlessness, experiencing horrors, etc.

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