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New Age Movement

QUESTION: What is the new age movement?


The New Age Movement might correctly be termed a mindset which has gained "new" recognition and allegiance in recent decades. Its tenets however are hardly new. King Solomon once wisely observed in Ecclesiastes 1:9-10, "What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Is there anything of which one can say, 'Look! This is something new'?"

The New Age movement certainly has its origins in ancient religions, cults, and philosophies. In fact, it may well be said that it began when Adam and Eve took their first bite of the forbidden fruit. This was the beginning of man's revolt against God and his exaltation of himself which continues unto this day in various manifestations.

The New Age movement has man, in all of his self-proclaimed glory, at its center. Much of the modern pursuits of the new age movement were derived from experiences gained through mind and consciousness altering drugs, very popular during the '60's and '70's. Individuals "saw things" and "experienced things" that started them on quests for life's answers. They believe that man is invested and divested with untapped powers and wisdom that can be realized if diligently and purposefully sought after. The infamous atheistic propaganda, "God is dead" grew out of these awakenings; and, since God was now dead, mankind has to search elsewhere for answers and hope.

Where better to search than one's self? Drugs were not the only devices used; philosophy, education, and various forms of religion were also employed by seekers to find the higher planes that they knew existed. Some of these religions became the modern day cults which tickled the fancies and satisfied the longing for mystical and spiritual experiences and self enlightenment. These pursuits have ancient origins in such systems as Gnosticism, alchemy, mesmerism, freemasonry, mysticism, theosophy and spiritualism.

The doctrines of Christianity were substituted and redefined. Instead of a true concept of sin as in 1 John 5:17: "All wrongdoing is sin...", the idea became to do "whatever feels good as long as you don't hurt anyone else."

Instead of understanding the true nature of God as a loving Father, the concept is love is God, making all forms of expression acceptable, dignifying practices that may be abominable.

The influences of this new age mindset, now highly prevalent in the 21st century, are reflected in the arts, education, psychology, politics and, of course, religion.

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