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How do you define spirituality? Is it a mystical experience or an everyday relationship with a higher power?

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Frequently Asked Questions on Spirituality

What's the truth about these spiritul beings? What does the Bible tell us?

Angels Video
Enjoy the song Angel Song and be encouraged by the lyrics. Music by Worship Mob.

Astrology Readings
What are horoscopes all about and how do they work? Discover the accuracy or deception behind this practice.

Astrology Readings Video
Randall Niles looks at the ancient stories told in the stars. This isn't astrology -- This is what the Hebrews called, the Mazzaroth -- Ancient meanings found in the names of the constellations.

Church of Oprah
What does Oprah really teach? What are the main points of philosophy? Is it wise to minimize thoughts and live for the moment?

Church of Oprah Video
Dave Sterrett quickly unpacks what we need to know about Oprah's spirituality from his new book. Why is this important?

Read basic information and the history. Is it a safe and harmless process of finding water? Are there spirits involved?

Elan Vital
Who is Hans Ran Singh Rawat the founder of Divine Light Mission and promonent of Elan Vital.

Feng Shui
How did this design system of living in harmony being? Learn of its origins in Taoism.

Gods And Goddesses
The names and functions of the basic deities in the ancient empires of Rome, Greece and Egypt.

Gods And Goddesses 2
The names and functions of the basic deities in the ancient empires of Rome, Greece and Egypt.

Guardian Angels
Learn more about these messengers of God and why they are important to God’s plan. Find the biblical support.

Heavenly Paradise
How is heaven described in the Bible? Why is it a place to look forward to? Discover a description of heaven and paradise here.

History of Yoga
Be instructed in the history and philosophy of yoga techniques. Is it safe? Is it beneficial? Is it spiritual?

Life After Death
Is there really a heaven and a hell? What really happens when we die?

Life After Death Video
Can we investigate the reality of heaven? What can we know about the unseen realm of the supernatural? You gotta stream this short video clip!

The various methods and purposes of this spiritual discipline. What are the true roots?

Meditation Video
Randall Niles looks at the moral, ethical, theological responses in the brain that declares something more that monistic matter.

New Age
What's the histroy of this new spirituality? Is it considered a new world religion?

How do different people define a pagan? Learn what they believe and what influences the system of thought.

Why does this Eastern philosophy appeal to so many? Where does it originate from? What is the impact on society?

Reincarnation Video
What is reincarnation? How does the new age worldview influence it? Find out here.

Resurrection of the Dead
What is the resurrection? What is the objection to the resurrection mystery? Is it not so much over the process, but what the process implies?

Discover the facts about this practice. Is there harm in experimenting with herbal concoctions and hallucinogenic plants?

Silva Mind Control
Positive thinking, visualization, meditation, and self-hypnosis are all part of this self-help program. Learn of the potential dangers.

What role does astrology, meditation, evil spirits, etc., play in spirituality? Is astrology just another name for religion?

Spirituality Information
What is the right path? Is there one or more? Consider this insightful article on spirituality information.

The Spirit World
Does the Bible talk about another world, one that is ruled by spirits? Find helpful info here.

What is The Secret Video
What’s the latest repackaging of New Age thought, the Law of Attraction, and Eastern-influenced philosophies for living? You have to watch this short video!

What is Yoga?
What does this word mean and what is the Hindu practice of health and spirituality? Learn more about the origins and tenants of yoga.

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