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Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels – Celestial Servants
One of the most treasured beliefs held by many people is that each person has an appointed “guardian angel” to watch over them. Although the Bible never uses the term “guardian angel,” there are examples of angels being assigned to protect human beings (Acts 12:6–10). Angels are celestial messengers that move at the speed of light to carry out God’s will (Psalm 103:20–21). In times of peril, “guardian” angels are God’s servants sent to rescue us (2 Kings 6:13–17). They involve themselves in political affairs of nations as well as the smallest concerns of children (Isaiah 37:33–36; Matthew 18:10).

The most significant characteristic of angels, is not their supernatural power or their magnificent beauty. Angels, specifically guardian angels, are compelled to work on our behalf. They are anxious to hear and carry out God’s Word. Their inexhaustible love for God motivates them to protect and guard what is most precious to Him, His children.

Guardian Angels – Secret Agents
When our son was five, he was permitted to ride his bicycle on the street in front of our house. While tending to yard work, I suddenly heard the loud squealing of brakes as our son, Eric, made a 90° turn in front of an onrushing car. A hysterical woman leaped out of the car, screaming, “I’ve killed him. My God, I’ve killed him!” But as I approached the “accident,” I saw Eric calmly straddling his upright bicycle, with the car’s bumper inches from his small frame. The woman continued to cry, “I was late to an appointment and I was doing at least 45 mph. He just turned! I had no warning! I know I hit something hard!” Yet there stood Eric, puzzled by all the fuss, with no injuries to his body. “For [God] orders his angels to protect you wherever you go” (Psalm 91:11).

Could this have been an unseen guardian angel? In his book, Angels: God’s Secret Agents, Dr. Billy Graham states, “I do not believe in angels because I have ever seen one ― because I haven’t. I believe in angels because the Bible says there are angels; I believe the Bible to be the true Word of God.”1 So how are we to regard the bright aura that rescued two young boys from a collapsing cavern? Who was the tall blond stranger that guided the divers to a hole in the ice? A young child rolls, unharmed, across three lanes of California freeway and asks, “Mother, did you see them? All the angels that stopped the traffic!”2 Yet angels never minister selfishly, directing attention upon themselves. They serve in an anonymous manner that assures all glory goes to God (1 Peter 3:22).

Guardian Angels – Cosmic Commodities
Have you ever tried to contact your guardian angel? A friend of mine who manages a bookstore frequently receives requests for books that teach how to pray to your angel or how to discover your guardian angel’s name. These same individuals attend seminars that promise to “put you in touch with your guardian angel.” Other angel-seekers choose a more convenient method ― “for $59.95 (prepaid) you can e-mail three questions to our angel psychic and receive a response from your personal guardian angel within 72 hours”! Guardian angels are a hot commodity. Books which profess the truth about guardian angels use every source of information except the genuine source of truth. Angel lore, myths, ancient stories, even personal encounters with guardian angels must be measured against an infallible standard, the Bible.

Worshiping or giving honor to a guardian angel is idolatry. “Do not let anyone who delights in false humility and worship of angels disqualify you for the prize” (Colossians 2:18). We are warned about the danger in pursuing guardian angels, not God (2 Corinthians 11:14). We must not place our faith in angels, which God created. Let us place our faith in God who rules the angels. It is God who continues to do extraordinary acts in our lives, commanding His angelic hosts on our behalf.

There are thousands of hungry children throughout the world waiting for their own “guardian angels.” If you’d like to make a difference in the life of a hurting child, please consider Compassion International. You can help a child in spiritual and financial need through a monthly sponsorship.

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