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New Age Music

QUESTION: What is new age music saying?


New Age music evolved through music created by Paul Horn and John Fahey in the 1970s to heighten consciousness for the New Age spirituality movement. Most New Age musical tunes are non-verbal, though New Age music composers express that their creations focus on raising the listener's consciousness to a higher spirituality connected with "pagan" idol worship. Much of New Age music is used as background music for hypnosis, mystical healing sessions, and attempts to contact the spirit world.

There are multiple genres of the New Age Music: New Age Jazz, Inner Harmony New Age Music, New Age Celtic Music, Historic Music, Mind, Body, and Soul, Mystical, Natural Sounds, Relaxation Music, Spa and Salon, Vocal and Chant, Yoga and Pilates, Compilations of New Age Music, Meditation, New Age Music and Nature, Native American New Age Music, Pure Sounds, Seasonal New Age Music, Uplifting New Age Music, and World New Age Music. Versions of this music blend a number of sounds such as jazz, rock, folk, and other world musical influences constructed to produce a peaceful enhancement of mood.

So is it wise to listen to music which is connected with pagan idol worship?

Here are a few things to consider when seeking advice on whether to listen and buy New Age music. Basically, know what is composed into the music. If the music is obvious in its pagan induced worship, don't listen to that particular New Age rendition. If the music is advertised to invoke meaning in Druid Celtic worship, Native Spiritualism, or Wicca healings, don't listen to these occultism renditions. If any music constitutes loose sensual behavior, suicidal suggestions, or any other violent destructive acts to one's person and others, don't listen or buy this format of music.

At New Age music stores, a person can buy items to assist them in their spiritual quest. For ten bucks, people can buy half a cup of "aura cleanser" to "fluff" up their energy field. Those same people could use their energies to clean the room or use two tablespoons vinegar and two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide with water in a spray bottle giving the room a fresh clean smell, enhancing the feeling of satisfaction for being frugal. And for fourteen bucks, a person can buy ten milliliters of an essence of guardian angel support. Doesn't God give us real, one hundred percent guardian angel support for free?

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